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Adidas Jump Rope

Adidas speed skipping rope with 4mm adjustable length wire cable and ball bearing handles.

Bytomic Leather Skipping Rope

Skipping ropes are an excellent tool for a cardio workouts and also help improve footwork speed and coordination.

Bytomic Power Bag 10kg

Made of durable high quality synthetic leather and built to last.

Bytomic Power Speed Sled

Pull along dog sled to improve speed, strength and acceleration.

Venum Challenger Speed Adult Skipping Rope - Black

Improve your coordination, agility, footwork, and increase your speed due to this longer 275cm rope.

Venum Competitor Weighted Adult Skipping Rope

Adult sized skipping rope the comes with 5oz and 9oz quick changing weights.

X-Tone Yoga Ball

An absolute home exercise essential for all ages, for all workouts, for all lifestyles.

Training aids and equipment to compliment your aerobic fitness and strength training workouts and improve cardio fitness including skipping ropes, power bags and medicine balls.