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Pong Kill®- For Sports Shoes & Boxing Gloves + more

Reusable, Antibacterial and Eco-Friendly Deodoriser with Citrus Scent

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Want to stop your new sports shoes from getting smelly?

Want your new boxing gloves to stay fresh and prevent bad smells building up over time?

Pong Kill™ will keep your new kit smelling fresh and prevent bad odour build-up. 

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There's a lot of different home remedies recommended to keep shoes and other sports kit from becoming smelly over time. Using vinegar, baking soda or lemon peel are some of the many suggestions; and though they may work to varying degrees they all involve time and effort. Pong Kill sports deodoriser can remove the hassle of keeping your sports gear fresh by simply placing the deodorising pouches in your boxing gloves, running shoes, or other sports gear after each use. Read on to find out how it works.

PONG KILL® prevents bad bacteria from multiplying in your SPORTS GEAR or WORK WEAR by removing the moisture caused by sweating. Bacteria love to thrive in damp conditions and by removing this you can keep your kit smelling fresh and prevent those terrible B.O. type smells that can accumulate over time.
Each box of PONG KILL® contains two generous sized 17cm x 8cm 75g pouches filled with Eco-friendly activated bamboo charcoal which are an ideal fit for shoes and boxing gloves. Activated bamboo charcoal is four times more porous than regular charcoal and has a negative ionic charge which attracts odours and moisture. We have also added a citrus scent to keep your kit smelling nice and fresh.
PONG KILL® can be used almost anywhere you wish to prevent bad odours from occurring due to sweat or the presence of moisture; boxing and bag gloves, running or normal shoes, training bags, work wear, motorcycle boots and crash helmets, car interiors, bathrooms, laundry baskets, clothing drawers, the list is almost endless.
For optimum usage place the PONG KILL® pouches in direct sunlight for 1-2 hours each month as this will reactivate the charcoal. Do this for up to one year.

At the end of your PONG KILL's life-cycle you can cut open the pouches and sprinkle the contents on your garden soil as this will help your plants absorb nutrients.

Millions of tiny holes give bamboo charcoal its amazing abilities as a deodoriser and dehumidifier. Just a single ounce of activated bamboo charcoal, with its negative ionic charge, has 396,900 square feet of surface area to trap unwanted odours; whether that’s for gym kit, kitchen, closet or even pet smells. That’s like having 7 NFL sized football fields of odour fighting power in every ounce!
Natural symbol

NATURAL - Contains Eco-friendly activated bamboo charcoal

Moisture symbol

MOISTURE ABSORBING - 4 x more porous than standard charcoal

Anti-bacterial symbol

ANTI-BACTERIAL - Moisture removal prevents a build-up of nasty bacteria

Reusable symbol

REUSABLE - Place in sports gear after each use and leave them in place until next session

Reactivate symbol

REACTIVATE - Place in sunlight 1-2 hours per month to re-activate for up to one year

Recycle symbol

RECYCLE - At end of life-cycle sprinkle contents on soil as helps plants absorb nutrients

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