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ProMountings is the original leading US company in commercial and residential punching bag mounting systems and fitness equipment. They manufacture high quality punching bag mounts (punching bag hangers) for heavy punch bags to give you a wide range of punch bag hanging options for ceilings, rafters and I-beams. ProMountings designs and manufactures both static vibration absorbing punch bag ceiling and rafter mounts as well as rolling mounts for easy punch bag movement on I-beams or for use with their specially designed ceiling track.  These unique heavy bag mounts are designed for both commercial gyms and in home gyms.
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Rafter Mounts

Promountings punch bag rafter mount

Rafter Mounts are Designed to Absorb Noise and Vibration for Heavy Punch Bags up to 200lbs. With ProMountings proprietary compressed spring design, the Rafter Mount will withstand thousands of strikes for a lifetime. Every strike is absorbed by the springs inside the Rafter Mount which helps to greatly reduce the amount of vibration going into the floor joists. Installation only takes a few minutes and is super easy!

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Up to 120 lbs bag.

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 130 - 200 lbs bag.


I-Beam Static Mounts

Promountings static i-beam punch bag mount

The ProMountings I-Beam Mounts are static mounting systems for punching bags up to 300lbs.The punching bag mounts are the sturdiest in the industry and built to last a lifetime. The I-Beam mounts won't cause any noise or vibration and fit beams 4" to 10" wide. Simply slide the mount onto the I-Beam and tighten the bolts and nuts. Installation takes less than 5 minutes! No drilling and no mess.

NB.Follow the link below for more information including data sheets and installation instructions.
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I-Beam Roller Mounts

Promountings roller i-beam punch bag mounts

ProMountings I-Beam Roller Mounts are adjustable rolling and/or fixed mounting systems for punching bags that weight up to 260lbs.  They roll across the I-Beam as you work out, or you can quickly lock them into position for a static workout and roll them out of the way when your done.  Turn your i-beam into a punch bag sliding track rail. Order by the size of the I-Beam.

NB.Follow the links below for more information including data sheets and installation instructions.

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3.5" - 4.5" beam.

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4.5" - 7" beam.


Roller Mount Track

Promountings roller mount track

Designed by ProMountings the I-Beam Roller track is designed for use with the IB-110R (4.5"-5") I-Beam Roller Mount.

Many gyms are looking to maximise space to perform different classes. Having punching bags in the way can make that a bit difficult. That's why ProMountings has designed steel track to be able to move the punching bags in and out of the way. You can lock the ProMountings roller mounts in place or even punch a moving target. The inter-locking track is available in 4ft straight sections and 90 degree curved sections to help bag storage fit parallel up against any wall instead of stacking to save even more space.

The ProMountings roller track system is also great if you don't have exposed I-Beams. Many gyms and homes have plasterboard or open floor joists that they mount the steel track to. The ProMountings track can fit 12", 16", and 24" on centre joists. The tracking can also attach to concrete ceilings and unistrut structures.

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Spring Plunger Track System

Promountings spring plunger track system

Ideal for Gyms with high ceilings. The ProMountings Spring Plunger Track system offers the solution when you want roller mounts for your punch bags without the need for ladders every time you wish to move them. This track is specially designed to work with the ProMountings Spring Plunger Roller Mounts. A pull on the double braided rope handle releases the spring plungers allowing the mount to glide along the track until you reach a suitable lock in point. The roller mounts are available with a choice of handle lengths to suit a full range of ceiling heights.

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Ceiling Mounts

Promountings ceiling punch bag mounts

The Ceiling Mount is the best punching bag mount on the market for absorbing noise and vibration. With gas spring technology, each strike is absorbed and stops the vibration from going up into your joists or concrete. If you are looking for the best noise reduction mount, the Ceiling Mount is it! The gas spring allows the punching bag to be buoyant and reduces noise completely. Each order is equipped with the hardware and easy to follow directions.

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70 - 130 lbs bag.

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140 - 200 lbs bag.


Recessed Rafter Mount

Promountings recessed rafter punch bag mount

The ProMountings RM2000 Punching Bag Recessed Mount is the first of its kind. Now you don't have to worry about your long MMA bag hitting the floor. Gain more space from the bag to the floor with the RM2000. Our Recessed Mount is the quietest yet. With a sleek design and propriety spring mechanism, the Recessed Mount will surely exceed your expectations.

NB.Follow the link below for more information including data sheets and installation instructions.


Pull-Up Bar

Promountings I-Beam Pull-Up Bar
The ProMountings PB100 Pull-Up Bar is specifically designed to fit to I-Beams ranging in width from 3.5 inches  to 10+ inches without the need for any drilling. Made from heavy gauge steel it is built to last and is suitable for both commercial and home gyms.
It has 3 pull-up positions. The narrow grip for classic chin-ups (underhand grip) and classic pull-ups (overhand grip) to work mainly arms and chest, and the wide grip to shift the focus more to the back muscles. On the opposite side are are set of parallel bars to work hammer grip pull-ups.



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Demonstration of the ProMountings Sprung Rafter Mount in Action
Demonstration of the ProMountings Roller Mount in Action

Demonstration of the ProMountings Gas Shock Ceiling Mount in Action


All ProMountings products are guaranteed to last and have a 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty. These components include but are not limited to; sheet metal, gas springs, hardware, and uhmw material. Year 1-2 covers all necessary expenses that are incurred directly related to the mounting equipment. Year 3-5, covers only 50%. Please note that normal wear and tear on direct metal against metal contact and rubber grips on pull-up bars are not covered under the warranty. The mounting equipment must be properly installed according to ProMountings direct installation instructions. If the mounting equipment has been subject to vandalism, neglect, or misuse, the warranty will not be valid. All products are checked before shipment to ensure quality. If the mount fails for any reason, we will assist in replacement of the product/part, if available, to ensure the safety of the customer. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.


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