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ProMountings CM-1000GS Punch Bag Ceiling Mount

  • ProMountings CM-1000 Ceiling Mount | Heavy Punch Bag Bracket | UK
  • ProMountings CM-1000 Ceiling Mount | Heavy Punch Bag Bracket | UK
  • ProMountings CM-1000 Ceiling Mount | Heavy Punch Bag Bracket | UK
  • ProMountings CM-1000 Ceiling Mount | Heavy Punch Bag Bracket | UK
  • ProMountings CM-1000 Ceiling Mount | Heavy Punch Bag Bracket | UK
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ProMountings CM-1000GS Punch Bag Ceiling Mount

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The ProMountings Ceiling Mount with gas spring technology is the best punching bag mount on the market for absorbing noise and vibration. For Heavy Bags 70 lbs to 130 lbs.
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ProMountings CM-1000GS Punch Bag Ceiling Mount

(Bag Weight: 70lbs to 130lbs, for bags over 130lbs see CM-2000)
NB. Choose the weight load closest to your bag weight, including weight of hanging chain.

The ProMountings Ceiling Mount is the best punching bag mount on the market for absorbing noise and vibration. With gas spring technology, each strike is absorbed and stops the vibration from going up into your joists or concrete. If you are looking for the best noise reduction punch bag ceiling bracket, the ProMountings Ceiling Mount is it! The gas filled shock absorber allows the punching bag to be buoyant and reacts immediately to each strike on the bag thus eliminating vibration and the associated noise completely. Each order is equipped with the hardware and easy to follow directions.

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  • The most vibration absorbing mount on the market.
  • For Heavy Bags 70lbs to 130lbs (CM-1000GS).
  • Every ProMountings GS Ceiling Mount is assembled to a specific bag weight +/- 10lbs.
  • Gas shock can be changed to accommodate different bags.
  • Easily attaches to almost any ceiling; open joists, plasterboard, concrete, unistrut.
  • Optional extensions available to fit wider beam spans.
  • Durable powder coat finish.
  • Installs in minutes!
  • Fabricated from 3/16" steel for superior strength.
  • All mounting hardware included.
  • Does not include the bag swivel/carabiner hook or optional Extensions.
  • Made in the USA!
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty!
  • FREE UK & Ireland shipping (excludes Scottish Islands & Channel Isles).

NB. Fitting: If attaching the ProMountings Ceiling Mount to ceiling joists on a plasterboard ceiling then the standard mount fits 16 inch spaced joists (centre to centre), the additional Ceiling Mount Extensions allows fitting to ceiling joists that are either 20" or 24” centre to centre. If you have an open rafter structure which the standard mount does not fit then an alternative to the extensions is to fix a suitable length of wood across the rafters for the mount to attach to. 

Promountings ceiling mount extensions
      Optional Ceiling Mount Extensions

Installation downloads:

Data Sheet - GS Ceiling Mount

Installation Instructions - Floor Joist

Installation Instructions - Concrete

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Brilliant solution for heavy bag training at home

My first attempt to hang a 15” aqua bag in an upstairs spare bedroom was a complete failure. Although it was hung from a solid bracket, secured by heavy coach screws straight into a ceiling joist, the terrible noise and vibrations it sent through the house made the setup completely unusable. Especially with our new born who was terrified by the sound. I then tried a bag spring, Same situation, swinging light fitting, booming throughout the house and a genuine concern for the ceiling above. It was a lost cause , and the aqua bag was resigned to the garage for storage.

8 months later I stumble across promountns ceiling mounts and took a gamble to see if this solution would allow me to train at home again. Short answer : yes, 100%.

I was a little daunted by the price at first compared to other options out there but once it arrived it was to see why it demands a higher price tag.

It’s commercial grade. Very well constructed and finished from heavy gauge steel, fully serviceable with replaceable moving parts and different gas shock weight options available separately. Will no doubt last a lifetime.

In use the gas shock is slightly compressed by the hanging bag weight. This floating action takes a strike to the bag from any direction, even taking up slack when the bag is lifted with uppercuts. In use the mount works similar to a cars suspension. The gas shock moves blindly fast, constantly adjusting to any impact you can throw it rather than transferring that energy into the bones of your house.

The result is a near silent bag workout , of course there is some sound from gloves hitting the bag but all booming and ceiling movement are gone.

My daughter can now happily enjoy her afternoon nap in the next room instead of fearing the house is falling down.