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Adidas Leather Double End Pro Box Ball

High quality leather speed ball suitable for commercial gym use.


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Aqua Headhunter 12" Training Bag - 35lbs

The larger 12″ Aqua Headhunter is a slip ball, punching bag hybrid. Weighing 35 lbs when filled you can work you accuracy for your punches, kicks, and elbows. Supplied with 2-Year Warranty.


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Aqua Headhunter 9" Training Bag - 15lbs

Called the Headhunter for its head-sized resemblance, this slip ball, punching bag hybrid is a must-have for any fighter in training. Use the Aqua Headhunter to perfect the timing and accuracy of your punches and to practise head slipping. Supplied with 2-Year warranty .


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Speed & Slip Bags

Speed Bags are used in boxing to develop hand speed, improve hand & eye coordination, and help with rhythm in punches.

Slip Bags are used to hone head slipping, bobbing and weaving skills, reaction time and punching accuracy.