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ProMountings Roller Mount Track Combo

Maximise your gym space and make savings with this punch bag tracking rail and roller mount combination. Includes two 4 foot track sections and roller mount.

ProMountings Roller Mount Track

Maximise your gym or garage space with this punch bag rolling mount track. Designed for use with the IB-110R  4.5"-5" I-Beam Roller Mount.

ProMountings Roller Mount Curved Track

Optimise your gym space with this 90 degree curved track for punch bag hanging and easy storage. Can be interconnected with the straight track sections.


ProMountings Punch Bag Track Systems

Many gyms are looking to maximise space to perform different classes. Having punching bags in the way can make that a bit difficult. That's why ProMountings has designed steel track to be able to move the punching bags in and out of the way. You can lock the ProMountings roller mounts in place or even punch a moving target. The inter-locking track is available in 4ft straight sections and 90 degree curved sections to help bag storage fit parallel up against any wall instead of stacking to save even more space.

The ProMountings roller track system is also great if you don't have exposed I-Beams. Many gyms and homes have plasterboard or open floor joists that they mount the steel track to. The ProMountings track can fit 12", 16", and 24" on centre joists. The tracking can also attach to concrete ceilings and unistrut structures.